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Melody Sul­li­van is a pub­lished writer, ani­mal lover, and is trained in heal­ing tech­niques by her friend and men­tor, Stanislav Grof.

Melody Sullivan with children

As a child, Melody was fas­ci­nated with ani­mals and insects, includ­ing cater­pil­lars and but­ter­flies, and often had vivid dreams of fly­ing. Her inspi­ra­tion for Lillibit’s Dream came after she dreamed she was a cater­pil­lar bemoan­ing her small exis­tence, and a but­ter­fly – her future self – showed her the world through its eyes. As Melody con­nected what the but­ter­fly taught her about meta­mor­pho­sis with the var­i­ous stages of human trans­for­ma­tion, Lillibit’s story was born.


Melody Sullivan on Horse Carousal as Child


Today, Melody enjoys her life as a wife, aun­tie, writer and com­pan­ion to her two dogs. She remains pas­sion­ate about per­sonal growth and embraces its every stage, whether she’s crawl­ing, munch­ing, molt­ing, pupat­ing or flying.




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